• Meet the team

    David aka DVC

    Founder and Lifetime President


    This is David Villa-Clarke (DVC), the reason that Project Volunteer was born. Dedicating over a decade of his life to get Project Volunteer established in both Botswana and the UK, he is the reason we have our charity today. It is DVC’s passion, vision and boldness that has inspired people over the years to give their time to the charity to support the children in Botswana is such a positive way.


    DVC remains a trip Volunteer, a trip Team Leader and provides on-going support and guidance to the Chair and wider Committee, ensuring that he initial vision evolves and adapts to ensure that Project Volunteer becomes a recognised brand at home and abroad.


    "I am pleasantly surprised by the commitment of the volunteers who have given up their time over the years to blindly follow me on this adventure. I am sure that they still do not understand the positive impact and legacy that they have left behind by spending time with the children."

  • The committee

    Our committee members offer their spare time to grow the vision and sustainability of our charity.


    Meet Katie, a trip Volunteer since 2011, trip Team Leader since 2014 and now the Chair of our Committee. Katie provides leadership, ensuring the aims of the charity are achieved and it is run within the rules of the Project Volunteer constitution. Katie, is the figurehead for Project Volunteer, publicly representing the charity.


    "Go for it – It will be better than you imagine and nowhere near as scary as you might fear!"


    Meet Gelina, a trip Volunteer since 2014, trip Team Leader since 2017 and committee member for the last 3 years. Gelina supports both the Chair and the Committee to ensure that the structure and leadership of the charity is in place, allowing the charity to continue to grow from strength to strength.


    "Just do it. Don’t worry about the fundraising, the challenges you might face or the opinions of others. If your heart is drawing you to Project Volunteer, then go for it.”


    This is Darren, a trip Volunteer and committee member for the last 6 years. Darren provides support ensuring that our charity financial records and procedures are up to date. Taking the lead to make sure that all charity money is correctly held and correctly managed by the Committee, Darren helps Project Volunteer remain financially viability.


    Volunteer Support Director


    Meet Dexter, a PV trip volunteer and committee member for the last 6 years. Dexter will follow up on all indications of interests made to the charity, in respect of supporting Project Volunteer either financially, or with time, services or expertise. Dexter, also works with potential trip volunteers to help them develop skills and confidence ahead of undertaken their first experience abroad with Project Volunteer.


    "Remember no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted!"


    Webmaster and Social Media Director


    Paul, also known as “Mr Project Volunteer”, has been committed to Project Volunteer since the early trips in 2009 - a veteran trip volunteer and an experience committee member. Paul maintains our website and oversees our presence on social media, to ensure and maintain the integrity of Project Volunteer as a charity and to ensure satisfaction of our supporters, at all times.


    "I wanted to volunteer my time to make a small difference to those less fortunate and especially children.”


    Marketing and Publicity Director


    Meet Alex, a keen fundraiser, trip volunteer and committee member, first started his Project Volunteer journey after raising £5,000 to help drill for water in the village of Serowe. Alex, as Marketing and Publicity Director, promotes awareness of Project Volunteer and the work of the Committee. He also works with the Committee to ensure that the Project Volunteer brand is further developed and consistently used to raise the profession profile of the charity.


    "Go for it! - be comfortable with your uncomfortableness!"


    Fundraising and Events Director


    Here’s Michela, our Fundraising and Events director. Michela role is to ensure a steady program of fundraising events and activities are planned through the year to ensure that the charity is able to maintain interest from our supporters, raise money for the charity and attract corporate sponsorship. Our biggest event is our Charity Fundraising Ball, which is attended by both previous trip volunteers and supporters alike. This is our annual opportunity to bring everyone together to celebrate the continued efforts of the charity, for the children abroad.


    "Let's not make noise, let's make a difference!!! TOGETHER we can bring change!"

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