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· I'm a PV

“ The whole experience was very rewarding and humbling. It really makes you realise how very fortunate we are in the UK.”

Why did you apply to Project Volunteer?

I have always wanted to do some voluntary work with children overseas and I liked the attitude and approach of Project Volunteer.

What’s your most memorable experience

There were so many wonderful moments. Playing the marimba with the band in Francistown was very special.

What advice would you give to those considering the trip?

Go with an open heart.

Short volunteering trips abroad

We match people who want to make a difference, with the opportunity to do just that! Join us in Botswana and help us to run summer-camp style activities, with over 500 children, creating smiles. We understand you might be busy and your time may be limited, so our short trips are designed with you in mind.

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