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I have fallen in love with Africa


· Volunteer experience

The Village Director said to us, after the most beautifully sung morning prayers, “I don’t want to use the word ‘visitors’ as they are not visitors. I will just say let us welcome them back home. This is their home"

Why did you apply?

My friends and I had raised £5,000 to help drill for water in Serowe and I wanted to volunteer to see if I could make a difference on the ground.

What did you get out of the trip?

That giving time, love and energy really can make a difference, both to the children in Botswana but also my community back home – the trip had a profound impact on me and has changed my attitudes to life in so many ways.

What was your most memorable experience?

Too many to mention … I have fallen in love with Africa. I never forget the smiles or Marimba band practice and I will certainly never forget eating Mophane worms!

What advice would you offer to those considering the trip?

Go for it! - be comfortable with your uncomfortableness!

Short volunteering trips abroad

We match people who want to make a difference, with the opportunity to do just that! Join us in Botswana and help us to run summer-camp style activities, with over 500 children, creating smiles. We understand you might be busy and your time may be limited, so our short trips are designed with you in mind.

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